Department of Microbiology in Johal Multi Speciality Hospital is part of the laboratory medicine and provides diagnostic services for management of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. The three main sections in the department- Bacteriology, Microbiology and Serology operate as an integrated unit. The department is headed by a Consultant Clinical Microbiologist. The laboratory is staffed by experienced and dedicated microbiologists specialized on testing clinical specimens such as urine, blood, faeces, fluids, pus, wabs, infected tissues etc. for isolation and identification of pathogenic organisms and sensitivity testing to determine which antibiotics are most useful to treat a particular infection.

The department plays an active role in controlling hospital acquired infections and expert advice is provided for investigation and control.

Diagnostic consultations as well as consultations on antibiotic therapy for management of infectious diseases and infection control are given 24hours of the day.

The microbiology laboratory operates 24/7.Although the core working hours are between 9AM-6PM on weekdays, a team of staff is available to cover key areas during nights, weekends and public holidays, to perform urgent specimen processing and to provide timely and quality diagnostic services that enable outstanding patient care.

 Culture of a Range of Biological material (Eg. swabs, wine, blood, sputum) from human sources.
 Culture from all Clinical Areas.
 Isolation and Identification susceptibilities.
 Proper Implementation of Infection Control Practices.


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